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How I Became An AA Sponsor?

My name is Larissa, and this is how I became an AA sponsor. 

For a start, barely anyone has it easy in the battle against addiction. On many occasions, a lot of addicts slip to relapse even after proper rehabilitation. This was what happened to me after my alcohol abuse treatment. I like to think it wasn’t exactly my fault, because balancing my old life with this new one was too much of a task for me – I looked for an easy way out. I relapsed almost three to four times before I was compulsorily placed on the 12 step program. With this, I was eventually able to conquer my battle against alcohol addiction through the help of my AA sponsor. Ever since then, I have decided to help others like me to overcome their abuse and maintain sobriety by becoming an AA sponsor too.

What is AA sponsorship?

AA means Alcoholic-Anonymous — it is a worldwide fellowship of recovering alcoholics who share experiences and help each other to recover from alcoholism. As a newcomer after joining this community, one would be allowed to choose an AA sponsor who would be the 12 step program sponsorship guide. The sponsor must be someone who has completely become alcoholic free and has been maintaining sobriety over a long period of time.

Also, it is necessitated that the sponsor and the patient must be of the same gender and must be comfortable talking to each other. This sponsor would serve in the role of a mentor who would continually share their experiences and help make the right decisions towards maintaining sobriety.

What does an AA sponsor do?

The reality of the recovery process from addiction is that it is very hard and painful. The rehab process itself may only last a few months and is resonsible for physical recovery from alcohol addiction, but maintaining sobriety is a lifelong process that a lot of family members and loved ones fail to realize. Hence, it is essential to have someone who understands the process, and that is why you need sponsorship in AA. As an Alcoholics anonymous sponsor, I am tasked with responsibilities such as,

  • Providing encouragement and support for newcomers to attend AA meetings and staying sober.
  • Providing answers to questions concerning the program.
  • Leading by example and many more.

The process of how to become an AA sponsor or how to sponsor someone in AA is very simple – at least, it was for me. Becoming an AA sponsor is as basic as having a strong desire to help people who need guidance on their sobriety journey. Inasmuch as you have become alcohol-free and you have the commitment to maintain that sobriety, you can become an AA sponsor and serve as an example for the people you are sponsoring – just like me. Most importantly, you have to be an active participant in AA meetings to be considered an AA sponsor. 

To answer the question of how to find an AA sponsor, I would say that all you need to do is to enroll for the 12step program, and you can choose from the individuals who are living the life of sobriety. According to the AA sponsorship guide, “by helping others, alcoholics can find that they help themselves”. Hence, living the life of a sponsor AA is also helping me to maintain my sobriety because I know there are people under me who I am responsible for. That quote from the AA sponsors guide also shows me a way to give back to the community that helped me to live an alcohol-free life.

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