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A regular of mine, a cute guy, named Dan about my age who stopped by the garage every day before work for a green juice, asked me out, and the rest was history. We fell in love, and he quit his job to help me with the business, which was still growing steadily. He proposed in the garage one day as we were blasting music and trying new juices, handing me a mason jar with a gorgeous ring inside. He had created a special label that said: “Will you marry me?” I still have that jar to this day.

So that’s my story, from how I went from being a depressed, unemployed alcoholic who nearly drank myself to death, to a sober, successful business owner in the wellness industry with a loving fiancé and a whole new outlook on life.

If I can do it, anyone can. If you’re struggling with alcohol, please get help. Check into rehab, get some therapy, do something NOW! The best advice I can give is to get clean and find something you are passionate about to stay sober. Put all your energy and effort into your goals. When you are excited about your dreams, there is no room for alcohol in your life. I’m not saying it’s easy; I still want to drink at times, but I want the life I’ve built for myself more, and I know I can’t have both.

Find something to live for, something that means more to you than alcohol. Find something that you wake up every day excited about. It will help motivate you to get sober and make staying clean so much easier. Connect with other recovering alcoholics. I regularly attend AA meetings and have a whole new network of friends who understand my struggles, and we support each other’s sobriety and goals.

You can not only get your life back after alcoholism; you can use it as a catalyst to have a better like than ever before.

It’s never too late to change everything! I believe in you!

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