friends during AA meeting.

Julia Hanson

friends during AA meeting.

How I Became An AA Sponsor?

My name is Larissa, and this is how I became an AA sponsor.  For a start, barely anyone has it easy in the battle against addiction. On many occasions, a lot of addicts slip to relapse even after proper rehabilitation. This was what happened to me after my alcohol abuse

My First Relapse Be Careful with Non-Alcoholic Beer

My First Relapse: Be Careful with Non-Alcoholic Beer

As with any addiction, it is essential to be vigilant and careful. It is also important to remember that a relapse is not a failure, just a side step on the road to success. With this in mind, I want to discuss the dangers of non-alcoholic beer.   With an

birth of garage

A Birth Of “The Berry Street Garage”

After the episode where I blacked out and hit my head, I tried to get sober on my own, but it didn’t work. I didn’t go back to the bar, but every morning I would wake up craving a drink and would try to make it longer and longer through the day without drinking.

woman alone

Drinking From Boredom Is A Bad Idea

I had only been a casual, social drinker before my mom died. I’d never considered myself to be someone with an addictive personality, and when it came to alcohol, I’d experimented in high school and college in what I’d thought was a “normal” way, but nothing crazy or out of the ordinary.

drinking with alcoholics

Drinking Alone Leads… To Drinking With Other Alcoholics

As I described in my last post, after my mom died and I quit my job at the fitness center, I quickly fell into a pattern of drinking pretty much all day, every day. While I knew this wasn’t quite normal, as I’d never drunk like that before, I figured it was a phase that I was entitled to because I was deeply depressed after the passing of my mother.

Drink, Sleep, Eat – Repeat.

It was about three years after my mother died and I moved into her house that I hit what I consider my rock bottom. Three years I wasted, drinking myself into oblivion, hardly seeing anybody except the bartender at the sports bar, and my drinking buddies Mark and Brian.


Look At Me! I’m In The Garage =)

I named my business “The Berry Street Garage” because, yes, my mother’s house was on Berry Street, and it fit so perfectly with the concept of my fresh fruit and vegetable juices I pressed and blended every day.

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